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Jillian, I think it does take longer for us to register and accept and process the weight loss than it does those around us. I myself debated for way too long at costco over whether to buy the large or medium panties, even though the reason I was buying them was due to major saggy butt issues with the current (large) panties of the same brand... Maybe I just stretched out the old ones... maybe the medium ones will be way too tight.... I don't need super noticable panty lines really... You'd think world peace was at stake, or a whole lot more than the 9$ for 8 pairs of panties... I bought the mediums and went home thinking, I'm not going to return them if they don't fit.. that's gross, but they were fine... As well as the medium sports bra, it was fine.. even if it didn't seem like it should fit. It did. I somehow had a bit of trouble actually putting it in the cart and I felt that the sales clerk was going to ask me who they were for... Since I have felt the need to tell sales clerks when I'm buying an extra small that it is for my daughter (and I do see them nod and have the I was really wondering about that look on their face).

OK TMI there probably... I also have noticed a gal that I work with.. she is literally tripping over her much too large pants since they are so big that they are hanging inches lower, but I don't think she can get her mind around the thought that a smaller size would fit...

The scale has not budged, but I feel leaner... I've been working out more and the scale is always stingy or just plain mean when I do that for a time. I'm going to try to eat fewer of my bonus points each week and see if that starts the scale moving again for me while I'm on Weight Watchers. I really thought I'd have break through after the holidays, but 1 pound for a month seems really bad... especially after it was 1 pound for the two month previous. Obviously I need a tweak somewhere.
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