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Originally Posted by Angie View Post

Jillian -- You are a big part of the reason I've stuck to my plan for the last little while. When I came back to this site last August and saw all that you had accomplished during my 3 year 'break' I was really ticked off at myself for not having stuck to the plan. You were such a glaring example of what I'd given up by indulging myself. So...long story short...thank you for being such a great example, it's really motivating me this time around.

First off, congrats Angie on reaching a great milestone!

And secondly, THANK YOU. Thank you for the compliment and saying what you did. it's the support and comments like that, that keep me going too! yes, i do it for myself, but it's awesome to hear that i've inspired others. that's what keeps me going too because not only do i not want to disappoint myself my not being the best i can be, but i also don't want to let anyone else down who looks at me as an inspirational person or cheerleader for their weightloss efforts. (i have a friend who i'm her "coach" or leader, so-to-speak and it's awesome for her and me!) so thank you for telling me that. it means more to me than you think.
it seems as if lately, no one really cares about all of my accomplishments. i keep on "bragging" and/or telling people about my successes and i guess it seems "old news" to them and i should quit talking about it. well, i'm NOT going to quit talking about it! i'm still in awe and shock every single day. every single time i put on a pair of jean, see myself reflection in the windows at the gym, every time i pull a pair of comfy pants out of the dryer and think to myself how small they are and don't think they'll fit me, but they do. buying everything in a size medium..i still can't wrap my head around that and still look at size charts!

so not only am i an inspiration to others, it's what keeps me going too.

ok..i'm done with my speech. sorry!

i hope everyone has a good day and weekend. not much planned for me.
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