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I started on IP the first of September, lost 34 pounds before Christmas and felt great. Over the holidays I just went off track, and my only goal was to not gain any weight until the holidays were over. I managed to maintain within a pound or two, but I just can't get back on now. I follow it perfectly all day and then eat terribly when I get home from work.

Ugh! My old bad habits. Although I haven't gained much weight, I feel crappy all day; bloated and fatigued. Plus, I don't think I can get control of myself. My so-called coach is NO help and never was. I taught myself everything by reading your blog and the literature from IP.

I wish I could go under anesthesia for 3 days until I get back into ketosis or something. ANY words of wisdom?? I only have 10 pounds to my goal and I can't stop getting in my own way. I hate it!! HELP!
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