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maintaining as of 6/1/11!
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Thanks crew! This is why I love 3FC - it is so encouraging!

Originally Posted by Sunday View Post
Wow Mrs Diettrich, you look fantastic! You can really see the difference already! You look great and so much happier Congratulations!

I assumed a similiar expression in my before pic too, lol.
The funny thing is that when this picture was taken, I wasn't even thinking about going on a diet. :-) The pout was a joke!

Originally Posted by cmsgrrl View Post
You do look much happier!! Cause IP works.
Yes it does! And I am so grateful.

Originally Posted by JustSharing83 View Post
You can especially see a difference in your stomach! Congrats on your success so far!!
I almost had a heart attack when I got home and saw this picture on the computer - I thought those were the jeans that kept my tummy in check and made me look slimmer! I couldn't believe just how much of a spare tire there was. Funny how the mirror can lie, but pictures just don't!

Originally Posted by fat chick 123 View Post
love the bars in the first. not sure if it has a meaning behind it or sumthing :P
but you look great! i bet you feel great to. keep at it
I refer to this picture as being in my fat cage. :-) We were up at an apple orchard/corn maze thing hanging out for the day and this was a "gorilla cage" in the middle of the corn maze. It just seems so appropo for a before picture.

Originally Posted by GreenTeaYum View Post
You are very very pretty- I love that haircut on you. The pouty face in the first picture cracks me up.

You can tell a HUGE difference. I really need to look into this whole IP thing.
IP is amazing if you can commit yourself to the program. And thanks for the compliment on my hair! I keep growing it out, but as soon as I grow it out, I realize that I just like it better when it's short! :-)
Skinny by Spring!

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