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Yall will be glad to know that hubs and I are good now. Yesterday we talked. I said, "look, you say you won't apologize for something you didn't do; I say you hurt my feelings - how would you know if you did or not if you're not me?"...he said, "Ok, I am sorry that I hurt your feelings, but I was NOT being the food police". I told him, thank you, that's all I needed to hear! That he was sorry for hurting my feelings...then he added, "I wish you'd get over the super-sensitivity to food comments"...I told him, "ME TOO!! I wish I could just turn that off, but having had food issues my entire life, it's really hard to get past that!" totally sounds like a crutch and I pledge to work on not being so uber-sensitive!! Thanks for the advise girlies... glad I could give yall a chuckle! It really was rediculous, the whole situation..but alas...isn't it the most rediculous stuff that really gets our gourd anyways???

Anyways, my official Friday weigh in 232.5!!! YAY!! That's 46.5 total pounds lost! WOOOHOOO!! I totally agree with Jen (I think it was) who mentioned movement...when I move - on purpose (walking, riding bike etc) I can see the pounds and inches just melt right off. I SO have got to get back to my lunchtime walks!

We'll be entertaining my in-laws tomorrow evening. I'm fixin Chili (frito chili pie), golfers cheese sandwiches and pumpkin pie for dessert...Not to mention that my movement tomorrow will be a thorough house cleaning! I can totally relate to ya Meg...

Hey, any of yall heard about the "It Works" products? We had a lady talk to us at our Project Grad meeting last night about doing a fundraiser w/ her. It's a wrap to loose inches...the officers are gonna give it a whirl just to see if it really does I'm hoping I'll be able to get into the new jeans I bought that like about 2 inches to button...
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