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Default she's got to move it, move it

what's your fav. songs?
songs to make you feel better when you're having a bad day, bad mood.
songs to make you fired up!
songs to make you feel inspired...

i have too many to name, and if you're like me and don't know the name try to descibe the song/lyrics.

'fast car' by tracy chapman(?)
'bye bye' by jo dee messeena(sp)
'break away' and many others by, i forgot, first idol winner.
'sober' by pink
bring me to life by evanescence
careful by paramore
'the truth didn't set me free, so i did it myseeeeelf.'
i can't explain why that lyric always gets me. it seems like it doesn't make sense, but i 'knew' what i should be doing to be healthy and wasn't doing it. the only way the weight was coming off was was to run my azz off.

'white flag warrior' by flobots sometimes i can listen to that one all day. really get you fired up.
'turn the page' by bob seger

many by pearl jam

not sure of the exact title, big girls are beautiful
'get yourself to the butterfly lounge, find yourself a big laaady.....its just soo up beat. just have to dance to it, or at least smile.

ok your turn, name that tune!

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