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Morning Turtles!

I have been MIA for a bit. Trying to get in the flow of things, school starting, soccer and ballet and tap and planning ofr my daughter's birthday party. Theres no way I can catch up with you chatty ladies lol

Last time i was around I was nervous about hopping on the scale with my monthly friend.I was very surprised to see a .2 gain on the scale I expected to see much more.

Well I weighed in this saturday and saw a 3.4 loss!!! I really needed to see that. Honestly the last few days before WI I was pretty sure I wasnt coming in close to hitting my points for the day, terrible.
Last night DH and I went out for dinner and im pretty sure i didnt kill all my points. Either way I need to track them as much as possible.

This wee Im focusing on tracking every BLT drinking my water and trying to get exercise in..ive been having some arch problems in my right foot. It kills So i know im not going to make my 25 miles this month. I will do as much as i can though.

Hope you guys are doing great!!
Mrs. T

My short term goals!
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