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I tend to get a little carried away when talking about exchanges, because many people tend to think of them (if they know about them at all) as "outdated" systems for diabetics, Weight Watcher's, or Richard Simmons' deal-a-meal.

As for your sister's experience, I don't think it's psychological at all - it's physiological. You can't determine anything by only one week of dieting. It's very possible that had she eaten all her foods both weeks, she still would have only lost the second week. Maybe her first week was at the point of her menstrual cycle at which she usually gains weight. Many people also lose weight in "whooshes." Their bodies hold onto the weight for several weeks and then loses suddenly in larger increments. It has little to do with what they ate the day or week before the whoosh.

You can only make judgements about the patterns over the course of months, not days or even weeks. With women, the menstrual cycle for example has to be considered - but there are other posible patterns too. It can take many weeks to understand the patterns (assuming you're looking for them).

I retain water in hot weather, but that wasn't an easy pattern to notice, because I wasn't expecting it. I was looking for changes in my eating and exercise to be affecting weight gain, not the weather.
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