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Originally Posted by Kimphin View Post
Jillian - what is the lowest you can remember being? You are doing great!!!! Your internal machine must be working at it's highest efficiency now - congratulations!

I still haven't gotten on the sclae - I feel like I've lost weight, and I just don't want to be let down by a number, so ... F it. I am going to let my clothes tell me the story for a little while. This is a new place for me to be, and it is kind of nice. Normally I am tracking where my weekly goals are for a couple of months out, then I have to reassess, reassess,reassess - and it becomes depressing and I quit. I am not going to do that this time.

Hurricane Earl is about to severely impact one of my 2 favorite places on earth later today - The Outer Banks of NC. I am hoping for the best for the residents and business owners there - it is really amazing how far out into the ocean Hatteras is - when you are there it is like you are on a little sandbar surrounded by water. Go away Earl!
i can't remember my lowest, except for the 178 in July 2008 (the last time DH was gone for 8 months) i don't know what my weight was in high school--but i think my senior year i was wearing size 12 or 14 pants.

and yes, i'm sad that the hurricane is near NC. i wish i still lived there, but thankful that i don't at times.
don't depress yourself, kim. just keep moving. remember its a LIFE LONG change. you're always going to have ups and downs. as long as you keep the course of being healthy, that's all that matters. screw the #'s or clothes sizes (yes, i know they matter) but the overall big picture is you're treating your body right.
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