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Well, I've hit Onederland, but it hardly seems like something to celebrate since, before last week or so, I thought I was in Onederland. But the funny thing is that I'm more pleased with my body knowing that I'm a higher weight than I thought I was. I think I look good for a woman of 198 lbs. I bought some new jeans last night and for once I'm pretty happy with what I've brought home.

Originally Posted by Robot
Scales that lie are the worst. My old scale was off by 10 lbs as well, so it definitely was a shock to find out I was heavier. Hang in there, you'll lose the weight.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by guynna
I'm about your height, and 180 (imho) is a good healthy weight for me. Hang in there!
I think that sounds like a good weight for me too. A little bit on the chunky side, but cute. I just want to break into the 170s so I can have the comfort of knowing I have room to gain a little bit of weight.
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