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About the restricted IP foods...

I started using the restricted foods in week 5, and I'd have to say my loss has continued steadily even after adding them. I'm a guy and I've been losing at least 5 lbs/wk. except for the week where I did a planned cheat, when I only lost 4.

What I can't speak to is whether or not I would have lost more by eliminating them. Perhaps I'll give that a try after my dinner cheat on my anniversary next week to see if I can speed up the loss again.

That said, I only use the restricted items on days where I'm doing a good amount of exercise. On those days, I typically have 4 packets, including 1 restricted item like one of the bars. Saturday mornings have been nice for pancakes, but that's getting a little old.

I wish my coach was a little more adamant about avoiding restricteds.
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