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Default What's your preferred state of mind for weight loss?

I feel like I have been trying to lose weight my entire adult life, I have yo-yo-ed a lot on lots of different plans.

I am on a good path right now, I have lost about 25 pounds through a medical weight loss program which is :
- a vitamin shot
- nutrition & exercise support (someone to ask questions and guide me)
- nutrition & exercise accountability (huge for me)
- appetite suppressant pills, which i take sometimes but not always

My current plan isn't really important to my question I suppose but wanted to share it as a background. I am paying for this service but I definitely feel like I am developing healthier habits not "on a diet".

I have stalled somewhat in the last few weeks and I am warring between the following attitudes:

"I need a good kick in the *** and need to stay STRICT STRICT to see my maximum results"


"I am making lasting changes, progress is progress, it's not as important that I lose the MOST weight possible but that I maintain a healthy attitude. And mistakes are part of a sustainable weight"

What do you find more effective for you? What provides you with better results both emotionally and on the scale?

I am really afraid of trying to push myself to be perfect and destroying the positivity I'm finally feeling towards myself! But I also don't want to cheat myself out of better results since I want to believe I'm capable of them .... If that makes any sense!!

This time I won't make the mistake of going it alone.
Mini Goal #1: 200 lbs
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