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Originally Posted by ennay View Post
One difference I have seen just from friends who are on the eat clean diet is she seems to be a big fan of protein shakes which are most definitely a processed food.

All the stuff I read on the Eat Clean diet seem to say no processed foods, but everyone I know on it has tons of protein powder in their diet.

I belive but am not sure, that she advocates eliminating ALL saturated fat and I can't remember her take on honey. I think everyone I know uses stevia which I consider something akin to torture. I'd rather eat nothing sweet at all.

MTA - it is also a 6 meal a day plan
The shakes are just one way to get protein on the go. I would guess that your friends who are on it are fans of the shakes/find them convenient/are in a rut with eating clean and that's why they drink them because she doesn't push them any more than other forms of protein. I've been on it over 2 months and haven't had a single protein shake.

As for honey...I believe it's in the "use sparingly" category with agave nectar, etc. I don't recall her advocating eliminating ALL saturated fat, but that type of fat is limited by eating clean anyway. She uses coconut oil in a few of her recipes and is a big fan of nuts and salmon, so it's hard to see where she wants you to completely eliminate it...maybe you're thinking of her wanting people to use low-fat or fat free dairy products?

My take on eating clean is that it's a whole foods way of eating that emphasizes protein and "superfoods."
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