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Default the Ultimate One-Stop Signature and Ticker Thread - Read here if you have questions!

Hopefully having all of the info in one place will help keep you informed! These are the most frequently asked questions.

Q. I want to make a signature but when I go to my UserCP I don't see that options.

A. You must have made 20 posts and have been a member for 20 days before you will have a signature option. Then you'll see it

Note: Please create real posts to reach your 20 post quota. Gibberish quotes intended just to increase your post count will probably disappear

Q. I've been a member 20 days today, why can't I create a signature?

A. The forum software counts it down to 20 days exactly, based on the time you registered. So if you signed up at 6pm, you won't have the signature option available to you until 6pm. Note that the system updates once an hour, so you may have to wait a few more minutes

Q. I tried to add a ticker but all I see are asterisks and the code doesn't work.

A. Some ticker sources are blocked by our censor due to spam issues in the past. We ask that you use the 3FC tickers or those from or Tickers from other sources may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
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