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Default In the Greater Miami Area: ShapeLovers (fresh not frozen)

I've tried a few weeks of Shapelovers in the Miami area (the website can be found by typing the name, ie. ShapeLovers, and adding dot net), and they've improved even from a couple years ago (when I first tried them).

The menu seems more varied. Several of the dishes and side dishes were actually quite, quite tasty. They used to only have the four course lunch (entree, side, soup, dessert), but now they have a dinner option (entree, side). They still have signature Cuban and Latin style dishes (ropa vieja, fricasse of pork or chicken, Spanish omelette, stuffed plantain, arroz imperial) and seafood Fridays (like so many of us Latino Catholics got used to growing up). But alternates exist for non-seafood consumers on Friday. I like the pasta dishes a lot (especially the tortellini in a creamy sauce and the pesto beef lasagna).

I do not like ground turkey, so I don't like those items and swap them out or skip those days.

I have thrice ordered their special desserts for my family gatherings, and I love that they can make a large size of particular sugar-free, low-fat, low-cal desserts (like the coconut flan, which I love, or the tres leches) for my special occasions if I order at least 3 days in advance.

They deliver around 10 to 10:45 in the am to my area (North Miami Beach/Aventura), so I have the food for lunch and refrigerate anything I order for dinner or extras (I sometimes get extra dessert when they feature a fave, since some only have 50 calories!) and I can spread them out during the week/weekend.

This is a nice option for folks who want to pick and choose their delivery dates, don't need a complete meal plan, don't like to or dont' have time to cook fresh meals, and don't want frozen food/packaged/pre-packaged food.

I've never had problems, and I always call to make my requests (as sometimes I do a la carte if I dn't like the featured entrees).

Hope this helps...
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