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I have finally gotten to 35 pounds lost after a few weeks of trying. YES!!! I have never liked any of the Walden Farms dressings except possibly Bacon Ranch. Never thought to add olive oil and seasonings so thanks for the tip. My newest Organic olive oil is delicious on plain crisp cold Romaine with some sea salt from the grinder. It was great on the Kale chips yesterday too. At first I don't think I ever had enough olive oil each day-- now I am worried about too much! Still on the 3 vanilla boxes. At lunch I eat the lettuce and veggies first and then have one for dessert. Lately I have been mixing it in the blender (magic bullet) with ice, splenda and some extra vanilla just to change it up a bit. Bought Stevia yesterday because I have splenda a few times a day too. I know stevia is better for you. Welcome to all the newbies-- once you get into a routine, this is the easiest way to eat ever.
Elizabeth -- how could you?? The cheeseburger of my childhood. So sad. Wish you had shown me this a lot of years ago and saved me all those pounds!!!
[Week 1/10 lbs-2/4-3/3-4/3-5/3-6/3=26 lbs;7-12=7 lbs;13-18=13 lbs;19-24=12 lbs; 25-32=10 lbs Total = 68 lbs
lbs of fat. I lose a lot of weight on this diet, feel great doing it & keep it LOST. And so it is! Phase 2-8/26/2010 (then gained 34 lbs) Phase 1 AGAIN 7/15/2011

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