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Originally Posted by chimpchamp View Post
Just a thought for you since you're just getting started with IP. It really is a very specific protocol and the products are sweetened with sucralose (SPLENDA), not aspartme (EQUAL) or (high fructose)corn syrup as may be the case with many Lindora products. Just know that IP products are quite different from LIndora except for, perhaps, the caramel nut bar. Check ingredients and nutritional analysis on all labels to see how they line up with those of the IP products. showgirlaz and jordanna, I think, adhere quite tightly to IP so they can tell you more. Every carb counts! Buy pickles without sugars or corn syrup.

Protein products all have that "protein-y" flavor. I actually think IPs are some of the tastiest b/c they don't have a bunch of vitamins added to make them taste even worse.

Also, I've heard that hot IP foods should never be boiled. You can use really hot water but water that is boiling will destroy the very protein your body wants and needs. I'm pretty sure they are all supposed to be consumed within 20-30 minutes of mixing, too. Again, this is my understanding.

The Walden Farms dressings are terrific if you mix in a teaspoon of olive oil or UDO's oil and a bunch of seasonings and sea salt. It'll change the whole experience. My faves are the honey mustard and the Asian as a salad dressing or to dip chicken in. Mmmm, mmm...but AGAIN, mix it w/ a bit of oil b/c you get to have 1-2 teaspoons of oil per day anyway and it will taste like regular salad dressing.

You really can do this! I am and my cravings have changed so much! You will find more creative ways with food so it's more satisfying.
Thanks ChimpChamp....yea I wasn't sure if buying packets from Lindora was a good idea, but it was half the price. I figured one week on IP and one week on Lindora and then I would compare the results, I don't I will lose as much on Lindora but if I still lose something I might have to think about changing just because of the price. On the hot drinks, I just put it in the microwave I didn't boil it...probably because I'm lazy and it would have took, but know that I know it takes away the protein I definitely won't.
And thank u soooo much for the Walden Farms advice...I'll try it later this week and let u know how it was...this forum is sooo great, having so many people to look to for encouragement and advice, I LOVE IT!!

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