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Originally Posted by Violin Jenn View Post
There are those that I like, but I'm not I connecting with anyone this season. One person does not stand out as "oh yeah I want him/her to win!". If it wasn't for Bob(hottie) and Jillian, I wouldn't watch or care this season. Right now, I watch for curiousity I gotta know who wins.
I was saying the same thing to my mom! I'm not sure why I feel that way. I've watched every season with excitement and anticipation but this season, if I happen to miss the show I don't mind. Like you, I haven't connected with anyone. I had a feeling at the beginning of the season that they are starting to just go for ratings then anything else anymore. Jillian's getting more and more harsh with her words, even Bob jumped on board a bit at the beginning of the season ... they are having even heavier contestants with excessive weight loss in record periods of time. It just doesnt seem real to me anymore. I mean I know its real but ... I dont know. I am disappointed this season. Like I said, it might just be because I haven't connected with anyone this time around ... but part of me thinks the show is changing ...
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