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Originally Posted by guinea pig View Post
Whether it's thickness in africa or thinness in the us it's all about the same thing, reinforcing that a woman's worth is based on their body.

I'm not pointing to anyone specifically in this thread, but I've heard those fat positives cultures brought up in a feminist perspective and that is just ridiculous. I don't see any difference between telling someone they need to skip meals or force feed themselves to look attractive.

Of course there is always the bizarre double standard with fat that it's ok to be fat in certain places.Even back when "fuller" figures were more in style they strictly meant fuller in the bust, butt, and hips. Lord help you if you ahd small boobs and a paunchy stomach.
I'm with you on this. My parents are from East Africa where girls are mostly slim and gorgeous. Fat is not only acceptable, it is desirable. However, it is certain kind of FAT that is lusted after; big boobs, Huge Butt, wider hips and small waist. I fail to see how that is positive in anyway.
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