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Most of my diet is unprocessed, or low-processed (like frozen or canned vegetables, I rinse or soak before eating to remove the sodium) whole foods, but I'm not worried about hfcs if it's the tenth ingredient or if it's something I eat less than once a month.

Most of the processed foods I eat regularly are reduced-calorie items, for which the tradeoffs are acceptable to me. Sugar free jello and sugar free drink mixes are not health foods. They're entirely empty calories, and not only not real food, they're not foods at all. I hate that they're so intensely colored that I risk staining my skin and clothes when making them. It may be harmless, but it's entirely aggravating (I would love for non or less-colored options to be more readily available at affordable prices).

I think that the fear of hfcs is not proportional to the actual risk. I have friends who won't touch anything with hfcs (even as the tenth ingredient), but eat a diet so high in sugars I'm surprised there's room for any other food.

I also have a dieting friend who recently decided to buy only organic, but buys essentially organic junk-food. She'd be better off (in my opinion) with non-organic fruits and vegetables and without the organic snack foods and trail mixes (especially when trying to lose weight).

Many of the "scary" sounding additives are perfectly safe and beneficial, and some whole food options are not. Self-education isn't difficult, but it is time-consuming so "don't eat anything you can't pronounce" becomes a maxim that stands in for real knowledge (and may work most of the time).

Unfortunately, it's not fool-proof. It's not an axiom I can live by, as I've had just enough organic chemistry in high school and college that I can pronounce most chemical compounds, and yet was mispronouncing quinoa for months before I learned it was keenwah and not queenohah.
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