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Originally Posted by SisuInWI View Post
Hi LeslieLou,

I have been listening to Think and Lose for over a year, and I am as impressed with it now as much as I was when it originally started working for me. The hypnosis is not what you have seen on TV or as part of a comedy skit. All it is, is a state of relaxation. You are aware of everything that is going on around you, your mind wanders and you find yourself thinking of other things and yes, it is best if you stay awake. The whole thing is very relaxing and you actually feel like nothing happened until you start to notice how each time the relaxation comes quicker and then you start noticing the changes in your behavior with food. It is all way tooooo cool! If you go back to the website and click on returning customers, there is a forum filled with questions, answers, successes, etc. from TNL customers and advice from the coaches. It is great to read all the different postings and can answer a lot of your questions. Though I am very happy to do so also, I love talking about TNL!

Excellent! I do believe that mind over matter works. I mean look at the mom who can pick up a car if her baby is trapped but could not otherwise do it. I'm glad it has worked for you I will think about it a little longer and let you know if I decide to do it!
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