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Default Yes..I use the Plan from the Book.

Originally Posted by serenity55 View Post
I'm wondering if you're using the diet by Jorge Cruise as explained in his book. In the past, I've purchased books of weight loss programs only to find that the info is very hard to understand and apply. I would appreciate any understanding you can share!
Yes, I am using the plan from the book and I am down 25 pounds since January 1 and today is Febuary 10th .

I am not sure what you are asking, but the program is no more than 15 grams of sugar a day and no more than 120 grams of carbs. That is it in a nutshell. It is not hard to understand and the book is very much user friendly. He prefers that you avoid artificial sweeteners like Splenda and Equal, but I use the Heinz low carb ketchup sparingly and it contains Splenda. It is the last ingredient on the list, so I am comfortable with that.

I average between 5 and 8 grams of sugar a day (as I do not care for sweets like cakes, pies and cookies..but my addiction was JUICE) and about 80 grams of carbs a day. That is all I truly want.

I exercise 30 minutes a day on average. This diet gave me increased energy within 3 days, so I increased my workouts. I believe in exercise because it is a stress reliever and the body was meant to move. I started out with 10 minutes a day doing Debra Mazda's Shapely Girl walking and now I am doing Jari Love's Ripped Series, Melt it Off with Mitch and Brazillian Butt Lift. Jorge says you don't have to but with so much energy..I just feel compelled to move and now exercise is just a part of my life. My son does BFC about 65% of the time and works out about an hour a day and his weightloss is on par with mine. He talks about all of the energy he has as well and as a teenager, he likes hanging out with his friends and he eats what they eat 35% of the time but he never pigs out. His eating habits have changed so much but more importantly, he is active and really thinks before he eats. I am so proud of him.

We are never hungry. Our tastes have changed. We both look great and I cannot say enough about this WOE. I have no desire to eat refined sugar/products...NONE. There are too many options out there to be completely satisfied. This is not something I am going "on and off". It is a lifestyle for me now.

Best of luck!
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