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Originally Posted by squishysquirrel View Post
I feel like weight on guys isn't noticed as much as weight on girls.
Derailing for a minute... This is so painfully true. I feel that heavy men have it much easier.

I've thought about this a lot, actually. While pondering it one of the many times, I realized that the proof in this is right on television. There are so many shows where the main character is some fat, funny dude with a hot wife. George Lopez ( The series, not the comedy. ), Married With Children, and a bunch of others that I don't know the name of because I don't actually watch them.

I think Roseanne is one of the last times a show featured a heavy woman. You definitely don't see any shows where the wife/woman of the show is fat. ( I could be wrong about this, but, I only have basic cable, LOL! ) This doesn't include reality shows, BTW. Just sitcoms.

We have it harder in my opinion. This could also come from the whole men being more visually stimulated than women thing. Women are a lot more likely to look past someone's appearance than men are. ( Proof in the sitcoms, again? )

So, yup. Totally not fair.
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