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S/C/G: 215/207.2/126

Height: 5'4.5


I ultimately want to be healthy, look sexier, and have more energy. I already am having more energy by being nearly 9 pounds smaller and exercising 6 days per week. As for as anything else goes, it's as below:

I want to be able to wear a two piece or maybe even a bikini for the first time on the beach and not be embarassed to be around my boyfriend, even though he has a BMI of 31. I feel like weight on guys isn't noticed as much as weight on girls. I just want to look sexier standing next to him.
Also want to wear at least a size 10 or smaller so that shopping will become easier.
I too want to be picked up by my boyfriend.
I want to be able to wear sexy underwear and lingerie.
I also want to feel more confident.
Oh, and let's not forget that the reason why I'm so set on losing weight this time is that I start my pathology residency in July and refuse to be the unhealthiest, largest resident. I want to have enough energy so that I can work and learn and become the best pathologist I can be.
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