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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
I have been on the program since November 19th, 2009 so, just over 2 months!! I have a really great supportive coach! He is strict but he checks in with me all the time! During the first month I heard from him at least once a day. Now I hear from him every other day! He did this and in 67 days lost 65 pounds. His development manager did the program and lost 85 pounds in 90 days. I have some really great people to learn from and help support me in this journey!!

On facebook, there is a girl in the ideal protein tips and experiences group that has lost 62 pounds in 12 weeks. She is amazing!!

BELIEVE ME!! If you follow the program, don't cheat, it gets easier and you will lose as much as your body can handle losing AND feel great doing it!! YOU WILL BE "THAT" SUCCESSFUL!
Thanks! I sure hope so!!

So do you just eat the non-restricted food and the select veggies only?
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