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@ baseballmom5: I have been a little worried about my body become too use to the same set of foods. So far I have been lucky but I am trying to switch it up a lot. I wish I could have the 2x a week veggies.. Just not allowed yet. I had/have a lot of weight to lose, 102 total pounds and 80 pounds to reach the first goal I set for myself. Because of that my already strict coach is insisting I will do better if I wait to add any occasional or restricted foods. He says at minimum make it past the first 100 days because it takes that long for the impact of the diet to benefit the pancreas. He also says to fewer sugars, starches, carbs you have in the diet the more manageable and shorter the cravings when they hit. He calls this phase being in the “pocket” LOL! It isn’t easy but I am thrilled with results YUM! I can’t wait to try your brushed eggplant recipe! And the naked chicken strips sound good. MY cook said we can use a tobacco or srirachi (sp) chili sauce if we want to make a wing sauce. I am trying to come up with one but haven’t yet succeeded at something I can handle. LOL Also, for the shake, I like a bit of crunchiness for some reason so I add a few ice cubes. I give it some texture I guess !

@ Byrdie: I am so with you on the Vodka! It is my favorite drink next to it is wine and I haven’t had a drop since November! I have been the D.D. on social nights several times now. Not what I want to be doing but not something I will regret the next day either! I am happy to offer any support I can. I know I will be calling out when my needs arise!

@ Alihal: I had the same style of cravings as you. HONESTLY, they did get under control by my 1st weigh in. I only recorded one major craving event my 2nd week. Everything else quickly passed. Hang in there! It gets SOOOO much easier! ALSO, My coach has me eating multiple times a day. (What are other people doing?) I get the following:
breakfast IP food, mid am 1 cup veggie snack, lunch IP food and salad with 1 cup veggies, Mid PM snack 1 cup veggies, Dinner meat /fish/poultry, 2 cup veggies, salad , Evening snack – IP desert or drink. I am eating something every 2 to 3 hours at most 4 if I have a very long day. I have been told I can add some extra veggies if I need to for the added fiber bulk and craving control.

@ Fuzzma: I am so with you on the IPD science! Knowing I am doing a treatment that is so dependent on my compliance for the really long term success is definitely a motivator for me! I too think my cravings are so much more manageable and infrequent now (past 2 months) given that I have stayed strictly to the plan. I like that benefit!!

@ Jtvan: sorry to hear about the cheat. Yes, brown rice will cause an insulin need. Of all your choices at least it was a moderate not a high glycemic index food.. GET BACK ON PLAN. DON”T think about if or what it did Just get back on plan. You will go back into ketosis a bit faster this time because you only had a small amount of carbs and your body hasn’t created any “stores” of them yet. You have enough time that you should not see too much if any impact on your weigh in. DRINK WATER a lot between now and then and it will help flush any fats toxins and glucagon your body is storing. YOU WILL BE FINE.

@echobaby: BE STRONG! MOVE AWAY FROM THE COOKIE TRAY!! I couldn’t even look at the web page today. I am menstrual and craving chocolate cookies would be an insane torment!! LOL
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