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I am starting this diet tomorrow as I need to shop for it.

I did something similar years ago and lost weight pretty steady. Thing was I didn't count the sugar part just cut down to under 90 carbs or under a day. The weight did come off (slowly but steady) and I was able to have a treat daily if I wanted to so long as I stayed within my carb limit. Being able to enjoy the foods you love so long as you plan them in your daily carb/sugar limit is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'm surprised I didn't go back to this way of eating in the last four years. I've tried everything- Atkins which bombed because too much protein made me sick, calorie counting which was frustrating counting every single bite and very limiting- although that does work for others who have the time and patience to do it, vegetarian (too many carbs for my body type unfortunately). You name it I've tried it. It's so easy too- just stay within a certain carb limit and sugar limit (no more than 15 grams of sugar per day and no more than 80-120 carbs per day).

The carbs that I do it when I do this type of diet I most of them for night time. This way here once in awhile I can have a sweet potato, beets, or corn if I desire them. Although I try not to have too much of these things when I'm trying to lose weight it's nice to be able to have a sweet potato every now and then as I do miss them. Other low carb diets forbid them as well as pastas, grains, breads, or sweets.

Looking forward to getting started. Perhaps we could all help one another along and encourage each other? Let's keep this thread going and report our progresses weekly! It would be nice to hear how others are doing!

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