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I watched BL when it was in its 1st season they didn't have as much weight to lose as they do now. Plus when the show 1st started they had a women who weighed about 220 or less. They were all losing about 3 and 4 lbs a week. Now it seems like if your not dropping double digits on the show then you are a failure. I only watch the Finale of the show now. The BL is a show and if they were losing slowly like some of us do then the show wouldn't be as entertaining. When I hop on the scale Im happy when I see .5-2 lbs loss. Im not expecting 8 or more lbs to come off in a week. The BL is a show and what they do on there is unrealistic for the average person. I personally would not want to workout 8 hours a day just to lose 10 lbs in a week but thats just my opinion. Im shocked at how quickly some of them are losing weight I think a guy lost 100 lbs in 8 weeks thats really quick but a lot of them gain the weight back after the show ends. Losing weight is the easy part but sticking with the healthy lifestyle is the hardest part and a lot of the past contestants show that you can lose the weight but even they struggle to keep it off
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