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You are in the right place, My3angels. I think they were just trying to answer the title of the post by saying that vegetarianism does not equate weight loss. It depends on how you ate while you were eating meat, and what you replace it with on your vegetarian plan. If you ate Italian subs, cheeseburgers, sausages, etc on a daily basis and now you replace that with grilled vegetables and a reasonable portion of beans/grains, you'll probably lose weight. However, if you follow my example, I gave up salmon and lean meats and replaced it with spaghetti, risotto, cheesy-buttery baked potatoes, etc. I ate more carbs than I ever had, and it piled on the pounds.

You can make any diet work for you. If you liked SB other than Phase 1, then just skip Phase 1. It's only there to help break you from simple carbohydrates and give you a little rush of motivation. Since vegetarianism is an exclusion of meat/flesh and not a method of weight loss on it's own, you can mix it with any other weight loss method that you like. It can even be mixed with low carb, although you do have to get a little more creative with that one. Probably your easiest diets that mesh with Veg is calorie counting or WW, since you don't have to restrict anything else other than meat that you already choose to give up.

Any diet in particular that you are interested in? If you give us a plan, maybe we can help with specific suggestions.
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