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Hey Metal Chick..I eat my 6-grain cereal raw as well as my oatmeal raw IF it is above 70 degrees outside..however, today it is 14!!! So, I like it HOT! You and I are NOT alone in our preference--Julie (I think) also takes it raw Europe it is quite common.

Julie, thanks for the idea on the flaxseed--I have plenty of that in a container in the freezer--like everything though, it adds calories. SIGH.

I just Googled the cornstarch idea. I found many articles from women claiming to "not drop weight" when they ingest cornstarch. One article that particularly caught my eye was a woman that claimed MOST sweetners were a derivative of cornstarch--she claimed that many people have trouble losing weight because of ingesting too many sweetners. Who knows--interesting reading to be certain!

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