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Success with TNL
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Wow, Blaze it sounds to me like you were trying to generate a little business of your own.

After saying that, I would like to give Cheryl some factual information about Think and Lose. October 2008 I saw the end of the Think and Lose informercial and I was pretty desperate and disgusted about my weight, sick of trying all the different diets, feeling rather hopeless. After watching the infomercial, I thought "What the heck, why not? I know the overeating and food issues I have are all in my head." So I purchased TNL. It is the best decision I ever made in my life. I watched Don Mannarino's dvd and started listening to TNL in November last year and still listen every night before I go to sleep. I have lost 45 pounds, went from overstuffed size 18 pants to baggy size 12's. All of that is wonderful, but the biggest and most awesome change is my relationship with food. It no longer controls me, I am in control. I no longer binge, I no longer turn to food when upset, bored, unhappy or even happy. All the emotions in the past that would have me eating until I felt sick and disgusted with myself. I now love to eat healthier and have pretty much given up on all the munchies that I use to live for. Don Mannarino and TNL teaches you to eat half and leave half. He gives suggestions to eat healthier and to feel positive and good about yourself. I'm even going to a fitness center on a regular basis. Don Mannarino is an expert in the field of hypnosis. He has worked with soldiers coming back from war to help them deal with the stress and awful realities they have faced, he has worked with the American Lung Association to help people stop smoking and he has helped thousands of others lose weight and deal with their food issues. His reputation in his field is strong and very respectable. All one has to do is check out the Think and Lose website and they will be able to judge for themselves the truth of what he has accomplished. As far as he starting the program to generate money.....I don't see that one either. I purchased the basic program, which is under $40, and it has been all I have needed. Yes, he has numerous programs available for those who may need and want extra help with losing weight and food issues, smoking and other addictions, but I have never been pressured to buy more.

Sorry, I really didn't mean to turn my comments into a testimonial on Don Mannarino, but I did feel the need to defend him after Blaze basically trashed his character, his program, his work ethics and his intergrity.

TNL is a program that can help everyone lose weight, help with food issues and obsessions. You don't have to follow a diet, you don't have to weigh and measure your food, you don't have to pay to have food delivered to your door, you don't have to count points. You can eat whatever you want, just half of what you normally would. The weight has come off slowly, but consistently and when listening to TNL I have never stressed about it not happening fast enough. I seldom step on a scale, going instead by how I feel and how my clothes fit. So after this long posting, I hope I have helped to answer some of your questions, Cheryl. TNL is definitely a program that works.


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