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For those of us who want to cut back on cost, who like making our own food, whatever the reason:

We've all got our own quirky taste and texture preferences, even for simple protein shakes. Here are a few techniques you may find useful in preparing your next protein shake.


If your protein shake is:

Too Thin:
Try adding a few ice cubes, frozen fruit, or a tablespoon of sugar-free instant pudding mix to thicken it.

Too Thick:
Some protein mixes have guar gum or other artificial thickeners in them. Instead of throwing them out, you can make shakes using only half the packet, mixing in a regular whey protein to cover the protein gap.

Not Creamy Enough:
Try using a tablespoon of sugar-free pudding if you make your shakes with water or milk. If you use milk, you can try using milk with higher fat content (1 or 2% instead of skim) or just use a tablespoon of dry, sugar-free instant pudding mix.

Not "Foamy" Or Frothy Enough:
Extend the "whip" time in the blender to "fluff" the shake.

Won't dissolve:
Solubility problems usually have to do with the particular brand of protein that you buy. Your best option is to first blend your liquid and ice and slowly add the protein to the blender. Look for an "instantized" protein that blends with a few shakes to avoid the problem all together.

Not Sweet Enough:
Add a packet or two of Splenda or a small piece of banana. Fructose (fruit sugar) is 70% sweeter than sucrose (table sugar) so even just a small piece of banana or other fruit go a long way in providing sweetness.

Weak Vanilla Flavor:
A tsp of imitation vanilla flavor or tsp vanilla extract will enhance the vanilla flavor without adding calories. Alternatively, you could add a tablespoon of sugar-free instant vanilla pudding for just 13 calories.

Weak Chocolate Flavor:
A teaspoon of real cocoa powder will give you a nice chocolate flavor without adding the sugar that comes with using chocolate syrup. This is a great idea for those on tighter budgets that can only purchase one flavor of protein at a time because you can add cocoa to vanilla protein and make a chocolate flavor.

Protein Sticks To Blender Glass:
Always add the liquid to your blender or shaker first. When blending thicker shakes, try pouring the protein into the blender as it whirls or lightly pushing the powder down with a spoon to ensure it mixes.
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