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Everytime I lose another pound, I like to make my presence felt on WholeFoods forum here at 3FC... its just the acknowledgement I need. I just lost another pound !

I have only lost 10 pounds, over 5 months, going very slow. Though my thread's title makes it seem like I'm not doing anything, it's far from true. I'm more tuned into however, the cause and effect of denying myself that little dish of icecream, or just having a salad for dinner while I make my skinny DH a burger and fries (like last night), or adding that extra half hour or more to my regular hike in the day (which I've been doing a lot lately, hiking longer, and more days). It all adds up in the losing the weight.

I am finding the success is in the babysteps, fine tuning them, and a constant awareness of how I'm feeling emotionally, etc, preparing ahead , etc. The cutting back on calories isn't as much of what is working to lose the weight, I think, as the Total Awareness ; harder exercise or more often, coupled with better choices to eat (fuel vs pleasure)... and most importantly ~ being accountable to myself.

I've suddenly enjoyed making myself mini goals, something I haven't concerned myself with for years. I now have a goal for each equinox and solstice, my personal road marks which I like to keep.

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