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Hi everyone!
I recently emailed, and I have been googling
this site at work, so I felt compelled to let you know!
Here is a copy of my email, please excuse my poor grammar
as I'm a bit angry

My name is Jimmy and I work for an inbound call-centre in Toronto, Ontario.
We have several clients that we work for be it real estate companies,
doctors offices,and lawyers' offices.
Our most prominent client is Slimforce7.
We handle all of their phone orders and customer service calls.

I've grown nearly fed up with "working" for Slimforce 7.

This product is advertised as a natural fat burning pill
to be taken once a day at breakfast.
It is advertised that you do not need to change your diet,
nor do you necessarily have to exercise.
The company recently ran strong campaigns through
TVGuide magazine, US Weekly, First Magazine and American Profile.
In about a day's work I probably get at least 25 orders of the product,
after sneaking a look at our report, in June alone they shipped out
about 6240 orders. The most popular product is the Maximum Strength treatment, for $109.

What's the problem?
The problem is our faulty advertising and complete disregard for customers.
Slimforce7 is said to be a natural product however it contains maltodextrin,
which is an additive in the similar vein to MSG.
Also it contains bitter orange (Citrus aurantium)
which has been linked to increasing risk of stroke, and agina.
It's said that all the ingredients are given GRAS status by the FDA,
but I really feel like that's not even true.
On the website it states that the product should not be taken by anyone
who is treated for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression,
thyroid or heart conditions, anyone under 18 or the elderly.
We have no protocol on asking these questions during our phone calls whatsoever,
even though majority of our callers are overweight
with probably blood pressure conditions,
and a large percentage of our callers are in fact seniors.
Most do not have access to the internet, and aren't aware of these conditions,
and unfortunately I'm one of the few order operators who check.

The company offers two methods of shipping,
normal shipping $6.00, and expedited for $11.00.
How long is shipping? ... I'm actually not too sure. None of us are.
It's changed from 1-2 weeks expedited/3-4 weeks normal,
to 4-5 weeks/6-7 weeks. Whatever you feel sounds best.
We have people who call in who have ordered from
February and have yet received the product.
Today a woman called me who only received 7 pills in her bottle
(you're supposed to receive 30).

Our refund process is that you have a full-money back guarantee,
but unfortunately (and we don't say this) this does not include the shipping.
If you look at the amount of people who buy this
(and pretty much everyone goes for the $11.00 shipping),
that's a lot of change going into Slimforce7's pockets.
And a lot of people just don't call back asking for their money.
I'm not sure why, perhaps they feel embarrassed that they've been swindled
once again by a product claiming to give them a great body.
The company takes their sweet time with refunds,
they stretch it out to months upon months of not giving money back.
And the sad part is that we're now sold out of product!

I feel really awful at the end of the night for the people that buy this,
I try my best to persuade them out of it,
either asking them to call their doctor first to ask if it's okay,
to trying to persuade them to try out the low-cost treatment first.
It's come to the point that I just hang up on the call when it comes,
and hope that my next call is for a real estate office.
At the call centre we're getting the crummy end of it,
because we deal with everyone who's irate,
we don't know where the money is going (as our company isn't paid much by Slimforce7),
and we don't know what to say to the customers most of the time.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would spread this to anyone you know.
There are a lot of people out there who do want to lose weight,
but really the best way is to seriously reflect on your diet
and get the right amount of exercise.
Please tell anyone you know who's considering Slimforce7 or has already
purchased the product to reconsider and demand a refund.


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