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Default wraps?

I have been reading alot about wraps lately. What brands do you buy and what do you put in them? Also how many calories in one. I am looking for some new lunch ideas.
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What I do is just buy low fat whole wheat wraps. Stuff them with TONS of veggies; lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, hot peppers etc. Add 2 slices of low fat turkey, and mustard. Not mayo. No cheese either. It should be pretty easy to add up cals/fat if you make them yourself. Have fun!!
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Hi Debbie, I THINLY spread low fat mayo on brown/wholemeal wraps then add lettuce, tomatoes, onion (any veg/salad you like) red peppers and chicken breast or ham. You could try any spreadable low calorie/fat sauces, salad dressings including mustard (hubby's fave) chutney, whatever & add whatever lean meat/meat substitute you fancy. You can also bake them to make 'chips'.
ps best eaten pretty quickly after putting together or even 'made up' at work, taking it all in in a lunch box & assembling it when you're ready, sometimes they go soggy.

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i but La Tortilla whole grain tortillas (50 cals each) and Flat Out light wraps- these are bigger and more oval shaped like a wrap (90 cals each)

i like to put in sandwich stuff, a little meat, cheese, a bunch of veggies and them mustard or a little spray dressing. then i always put it on the geroge foreman- warm gooey sandwich- yum!
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You can take a wrap into any direction you want. You can use tortillas, nori sheets, rice paper sheets, etc...you can use veggies, meat, cheese, whatever floats your boat.

I love nori, untoasted sheets, wraps. What I do is use two sheets, I put something like hummus or another spread on it first. Then I place veggies like tomatoes, fresh and sun dried, onions, good olives (not the can or jar stuff), avocado, spinach, sprouts. Roll it up and yummy time!

Use chutneys, salsas, leftovers, whatever you want. Wraps are a good way to get rid of stuff lol.

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I get the green ones, which I think are spinich or veggie or something like that and the whole grain ones, and then add lo fat mayo to some tuna, slap it on there with all kinds of veggies...and it's yummy!
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Everybody thinks I'm crazy for this but I make a fried bologna breakfast wrap that is amazing!! I lay out the tortilla, sprinkle a little low-fat shredded cheese on it, then fry a piece of fat free bologna with a little pam and lay it on the wrap. Then throw on some egg beaters (I cook mine with shredded cheese and salsa) and roll it up. The bologna sticks to the wrap because it melts the cheese you sprinkle on there and it all rolls up so nicely and is beyond yummy!
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We make wraps with italian herb flat bread. And take olive oil mayo or mustard and then lean turkey, lettuce, onions, tomatos, peppers and whatever else veggies. These are awesome. The flatbread we buy have less fat/calories than tortillas which is cool.
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I have a wrap every day for lunch. The only thing is, I live in Canada and it's hard to find a good low-cal, low-fat tortilla for the wrap.

Anyhoo, I put:
turkey or chicken breast
one slice processed cheese
black olives
a squirt of low-fat mayo
a squirt of chipotle sauce

My favorite!!

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I love flat bread. I also get 100 calorie whole wheat wraps. Just watch it cause some people see wrap and assume atkins. I don't even like to tell most people I'm on a diet let alone let them assume I'm on atkins.

I add bell peppers, spinach and deli meat. Sometimes cheese.
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