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Default GREAT shopping day!

Not sure how everyone else feels about clothes shopping, but for the past 10 years, I hated it! Always seemed to put me in a bad/sad/depressed mood because nothing fit the way, I wished it did! LOL Yesterday, Savers (a HUGE thrift store, more expensive than my other thrift stores), had a Labor Day sale, all clothes 50% off. I was in there with my husband for 3 hours! He was excited/happy to see me enjoy myself! It felt great! I haven't been like that in a long time. I found a lot of clothes that fit me. He liked the fashion shows too! haha I am officially in a size 14 pants/skirt and XL 14/16 shirts. I LOVE name brand clothes, and when I can get them for a great price, that makes me very happy! Especially for transitional clothes. I ended up getting 4 pairs of capri's size 14 (Guess, Banana Republic, Old Navy (brand new with tags), and Calvin Klein), 5 pairs of jeans size 14 (Calvin Klein, 2 Old Navy, American Eagle and Banana Republic), 4 pairs of capr's size 12, I am hoping to fit for my trip the middle/end of Oct (Ralph Lauren, Gap, 2 Old Navy), 3 sleeveless dress shirts, 3 polos (Tommy, Ralph, Aeropostle), 3 cotton cami's with lace on the collar and waist (I love the look of those with polo shirts, layering them), 1 brand new with tags Gap black knitted shirt (tags $19.50, I got it for $2.50!). Ready for the total? $73.xx I still need to find more shirts (long sleeve/sweaters), but didn't make it to that section, wish I did, but I figured my husband spent enough time in there. LOL

Who else ENJOYS shopping now that you lost the weight/ or some weight? I can't believe how much has changed in as little as 2 months. I lost 32 lbs, and went from a size 18/20 to 14/16. Feels GREAT!
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I did all my shopping at Thrift Stores while losing. I got a great wool blazer at Savers for $4 I can't wear it now as I am goal, but wish I could find another one like it at that great price. Even at goal I , sometimes out of force of habit go into those stores just to check things out. I got a wool coat recently for $3.60 at Salvation Army couldn't resist it. You are right you can frequently get brand new items.
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I LOVE SHOPPING NOW!!!!!!!!!! I went from a dreaded XL-XXL shirt and a size 16-18 pants, and barely even fit into those..

Now I confidently walk into a store and grab a pair of size 12 jeans or pants and a medium shirt and dont even try them on

I rediscovered the shopaholic in meeee !!
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I never believed my body could ever fit into my current size 4, but I do! And I love it! Too bad these days I don't have the money to go shopping much at all as I used to be a horrible shopoholic (until I gained so much weight that I didn't even want to try those bigger sizes on anymore and had to out of necessity when my clothes didn't fit anymore).

I had to basically get rid of my whole closet in the past year, at least all my pants and jeans and start completely over - even the clothes I wore at my lowest previous weight when I was in college became HUGE on me.

I am still hoping when all is said and done, I will fit into some size 2s and the rest 4s.

Maybe I should check out some of these thrift stores in my area. I have never been.
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I got into a size 28 jeans this weekend and had the BIGGEST smile on my face even though the jeans had a bit of stretch to them so it may have been a bit of a cheat thrill...I skipped shopping for a few years and just lived in yoga pants. Now I can shop at any store and find stuff that not only fits, but looks good. Congrats on the new clothes in a new size - I know exactly how it feels and I love it!
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bargoo, Congrats on reaching goal! Huge accomplishment! Weigh to go! Savers is new to our area (opened a few months ago), so happy I checked them out. They have a lot to chose from. Plus everything is nicely organized. I hope you find another blazer you like, for that deal! Everything I bought was in excellent shape, and at great prices, it will be hard to pay full-price again, even when I reach goal.

Caramelkitty, You are doing great! You will be at goal in no time! I can't wait until I can just grab and run. LOL Right now, I have more clothes than I ever did in the past. Sad thing is, I "feel" like I need more. Just waiting to go back! LOL

SCVitaminC, Congrats on your weight loss. You are doing awesome! I know how you feel, I had to clean out my closet, dresser and chest twice so far, within 2 months! I started out wearing 18/20, cleared most of those, brought in 16/18, now 14/16's. I can't wait to get to goal! LOL Yes, check out your local thrift/resale shops. You will be amazed by what you will find. Garage sales are good too, just wish I would have taken advantage of it, while they were in season, not many now.

StephInLA, AWESOME! I know that felt great! Congrats on your weight loss, you are doing great! Thank you!
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