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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat: Thursday, 6/25

Happy Thursday to all!!

Yesterday was a blur, so I'm skipping over it onto today's chat!

Gotta get myself through work, as usual......while also entertaining my 7 year old that doesn't have summer camp this week!

I also need to get moving on these craft projects I have all over the place.....I start new ones and never finish old ones all the time, and my hubby hates it!!! Gotta knock those out so I can have half of my closet back for clothes instead of junk!!

Diet is going great so far, with the exception of Monday (had mexican food, unsure of the calories/fat there).....but exercise is my nemesis I just always seem to have something else I have to get done and don't put exercise first.....How can I correct that in my head!!!??

Amany....Thank you for the info on the diet you're doing (I love to hear what others are doing, you just never know what's out there that might work for you!)

Has anyone heard of of the "HCG Diet"? A good friend of mine is doing it, and they've lost 35 pounds in a month. It's pricey though so I dunno.....
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Ok...just did my signature
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Yay for a signature Kimiko!

I think my french exam went okay...thanks for the well wishes ladies...I get my results tonight. Tonight is the LAST class and I'll be french class free for 2 months! YIPEE!

I took the puppy for a 30 mins walk yesterday morning...man is it hot here! The humidity is KILLING me!!!

Why can't it just be hot and sunny and not humid?!?!?!

CURRENT Goal: Healthy Baby! http://gettindowntoit.blogspot.com/
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<<Edited out link - they are promoting VLCD (very low calorie diet), against 3fc rules>>

I think you gain it back

I am sticking with alli and working out...tomorrow is weigh in...eek! I think I prolly GAINED this week since I was soooo bad over the weekend! Oh well! I will do better next week. I am thinking that once I go away in July I should lose. All I will be doing is working out, feeding my Gram, Bella and I, swimming, walking on the beach, etc. I am going to find a gym to sell me a 30 day membership and go an hr a day, plenty of grapefruit and lf foods...I hate eating when it's hot! So, we shall see!

Hi to everyone else! Doing good this week. Been running 6 miles a day and doing weights plus wii fit. Eating is now in control!!

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Less than 15 now!!
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Kimiko - groovy siggy!
Wifey - bet that feels good to be done with! Can't wait to hear how ya did!
Laurie - good job on the running! Last year I ran my first Half Marathon...love the running!

Well, it's hotter than blazes here today as well. 100+, and huge humidity. My hives are finally all gone. Just some red blotches still around my poor old swollen cankles. When my weight gets back in the 180's they will stop. Seems so far away. Pooh.

Finishing up my lesson plans today for school. I'll start my 2nd and 6th grader back July 6th. Pray for my sanity. Woah.

Eating has been in control most of the week, except some ice cream on Monday. I have exercised 5 out of the past 7 days woohoo! I feel positive, and that's half the battle sometimes!

Have a Super Thursday gals!
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How does this thing work?
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Hello All. :hiya:

Yesterday's eating was horrendous. It's that "monthly thing". I'll overcome it today though. This morning I still felt like the food was sitting in my stomach like a rock. Normally I have coffee in the morning with half and half, and I don't eat until around 2 or 3. After the coffee, I'm just not hungry till then. TODAY, I felt too full for the coffee when I got up. I did have it eventually, but not until around 11.

I took my friend's dog for a walk today for about a mile. It was too hot to go any longer, or walk fast. So I let the walk be about him. I'm going to pop in a Leslie Sansone dvd in a while and get the heart rate going.
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