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Talking A little vent...all the horrible, awkward, embarrassing things I hate

Hello, to all you beautiful fat chicks out there. I'm new to this and so I hope I don't offend anyone with this thread. If so, I apologise in advance!

This forum is so supportive and warm and caring, and we're all here for each other (at least that's my impression after a couple of days with you all). And it occurred to me that this might be the perfect place to vent some of the horrible, awkward, embarrassing things about being a fat chick - you know, the things we don't talk about out loud, that cause us to laugh in a self deprecating way, or blush, or pretend we didn't notice - when really, we want to curl up and die. Maybe some of you can relate....if you can, drop me a line and share some of yours.
  • Restaurants with small, flimsy chairs (even if they're not really small and flimsy, but they seem that way to me)
  • Restaurants with booths that are just too small, and where the tables are fixed to the walls so my husband can't discreetly move it for me.
  • Being at the doctors and her having to get out the 'big' blood pressure cuff.
    • Same doctors assumption that every possible thing wrong with me would be fixed if I lost a pile of weight.
    • Always being automatically given the front seat when I go out with friends, because I'm so big (I know they mean well, I just hate that they have to do that)
    • Always being way too hot, and sweaty
    • Having the smallest thing make me sweat like crazy....housework, laundry, whatever.
    • Having that same sweat running down my back so that I end up with a wet looking butt.
    • Constantly having to think about what I'm wearing to avoid the wet butt look - thank god for Skorts
    • Suddenly not being able to fit in to shoes that always fit before.
    • Getting breathless walking in to my office - so I avoid walking in with people.
    • Knees that hurt when I stand up or go upstairs.
    • Diarhhea and constipation - but that might be an IBS thing, if so, sorry - wrong board!
    • Having a nice, sensible salad with my friends at lunch and knowing I'm going to be starving again in an hour.
    • The thought that I'll never be able to eat 'fun' stuff again.
      Oh and airline seatbelts that need the 'extra' bit

I think I've exhausted my rant for now.... I'm sure I'll think of some more, which I'll be thrilled to bore you with.

Again, I hope I've not offended anyone....if you have any of your own, 'fun' stuff to share, please feel free.

And thanks for the warm welcome.
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