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Talking 5 Day Pouch Test Day 1-5

I figured I'd Post the Pouch Test Experience for a Step By Step (or indeed sip by sip) account in case anyone wants to try it
I'm on Day 1
Had 1/2 cup of 1% Milk with my vities
20 oz coffee with whole Milk (from the fluffly coffee place next door) and 2 scoops of isopure for Breakfast
I'm sipping on my 5 cup bottle of watery iced tea I can't do straight water
I brought baggies with 2 scoops of isopure each in them and 2 snapple bottles with 8-10 oz of Crystal light sunrise.
and a 5.5 oz can of v8 in case I get the woozies
So far not hungry a little burpy and feelign my legs start to unswell.

This scale this AM read 146 and my ankles are the size of Navel Oranges.
I took My Time Sipping My Creamsicle Protein shake and found myself a bit overfull on 10-12 oz of Crystal light and 2 scoops isopure

its about 2:17 pm in a relatively high pressure day Normally I'd be eating something now and be darn hungry for it so far I'm not and I'm holding off on Shake #3 until my body asks for it
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