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So, folks, I'm also a knee and hip pain person. Actually it was my knee pain that drove me--day in and day out--to never cheat these past six plus months to lose weight. I just couldn't take the pain anymore. I am a dedicated calorie counter and followed volumetrics faithfully.

For my knees, I examined it from a few points:
1) Identify source of pain
2) Identify strengthening and healing moves
3) Lose weight no matter what

My sources of pain were weight mostly but also my bike was not set for my height. I also think I wasn't doing the lunges right and I usually OVER EXERCISED. I'd jump rope for 1 1/2 hours or even 2 hours.

I did physical therapy, have a joint specialist watching me, dedicated to yoga (even had a yoga specialist prescription who examined my hip and knee problems and gave a miracle 3 move cure), stopped biking for six months, and reduced my exercise.

From January 09, I slowly started exercising. I dedicated myself to core and upper leg strengthening. I did yoga. I wasn't biking. I calorie counted. I carefully increased exercise slowly over these past months. I'm so powerfully strong now. I still have knee pain if I carry heavy bags (basically my knees think I'm heavy again if I carry something).

I had to take a week break last week from exercise on doctor's orders because of stiches on my back. I did nothing for seven days. I over did it starting immediately and now pay the price in a very painful hip. I'm looking for massage to help (it's done wonders on other parts of me). Can't stop the exercise and am just trying to work through and be very gentle when NOT working out.
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