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Question Back to Simply Filling/Core Plan

I've been on Points with Momentum for this week and last as well. This weekend my Sis and I are going for a 2 day vacation, about 5 hrs. away. I told this to my Leader who told me not to stay on Points but switch over to Simply Filling aka Core Plan which I know well.
Anyways, I have lost both weeks on Points. I'm a little nervous but I knew to get my shredded wheat breakfast in there with ff milk, some blueberries and a sliced banana so I feel comfortably full and don't feel deprived not working Points.
What was discussed in the meeting was my situation as the main topic along with increasing activity which I'm doing with lots of housework. Anyways, what was discussed was for me to divide wpa's in half and make that half per each weekend day the limit I could spend. At first I thought OMG! Core foods plus wpa's? What was she thinking lol???? Then it occurred to me, she means eat a points meal for Sat and for Sun. I know I can enjoy some Filling Foods with those pointed meals but wanted to mention this because I know WW doesn't want you to be a glutton lol and consume mass quantities but it hit me soooo strangely that it can be misinterpreted. What she meant being my Leader is let's say you wanted bbq chicken and ribs for dinner. Chicken skinned is fine for a Filling Food. Add some ribs and there are where your wpa's come in. If you wanted a piece of pie or wanted an ice cream sundae, you add in those wpa's for that day.
What she doesn't want me to do is go beyond the weekend with wpa's. She said I will be safer that way. I'm still predisposed to overdoing it with portions and that Points are the best way to keep myself losing but under these circumstances this is the absolute best way to work a week on vacation.

Anyone agree w/this? I started on Simply Filling with breakfast. Today is my weigh day so I'm ok to get this week going.

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