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Originally Posted by mamaspank View Post
You just made my day! I have been too afraid to do that haircut because I am trying to grow mine out again, but maybe one day I will be brave enough. It's just hair; right?

Hey Spankthatmama,
Don't be afraid, I know I was sorta contemplating on gettin er done, wondering if I could pull the look off, but yanno I can and I DO! So I say, Just do it! I have been getting rave reviews of my new do, I LOVE IT! It's so easy breezy and kinda sexy chic and trendy! I have been donning my 80's hairdo for 20 plus years, and I finally took the plunge and got a trendy haircut! This new do, makes my hair look so much thicker, healthier with all kinds of natural curl came out when I got the stacked look, unbeknownest to me, because I always had paper thin stick straight hair, but not any more lots of body to boot! Thank you again, glad I made your day! I only speak the truth!
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