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Bandit, you're right! We can do this together. I remember so many times in the past I'd get down and say, "What's going on? I do not want to maintain at over 200#." When that happened there was always at least one turtle who would be making a leap of faith and trying new things (specifically Lauren and the home delivery system and Bandit with joining TOPS) and they lost weight! That made me realize that I had to find something that worked so that I could lose weight too. Honestly, without you guys I don't know that I could have stayed with WW's this long. Now we have such enthusiastic and successful new members with wonderful tips to share and this group has simply gotten better and better.

Princess, so sorry to hear about your mom, but I'm sending you and her prayers. It's very good that you'll be able to visit and help her recover. You will be a Godsend to her.

Hey guys--here's something that I can't try right now, but a leader at our WW mtg. makes this for a sustainable breakfast. I hope someone will try it out and let us know how it tastes. It's only going to work if you like pumpkin:

Oatmeal w/filling pumpkin
Mix 1/2 cup 1minute oatmeal
1 cup water
1/2 cup pumpkin
1/2 t. cinnamon
Nuke in microwave.
It's supposed to taste like pumpkin pie--somehow I doubt that, but I do think that it might be tasty. The points are whatever your oatmeal points out to--probably 2pts. for this size serving. Of course we're talking pumpkin puree in a can--not pumpkin pie filling! LOL

Okay, that's what I've got to say. Crazy day today but I think I did okay with food . Be well and happy and keep on keepin' on. I've got my July 4th. goal in mind!!
234.6/207.8/204.6 thinner and onto the 30# down goal!
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