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Default My beginning goals...

I keep thinking that something will throw the magic switch, and I'll be able to get back into the losing mode that I had when I was a regular visitor to 3FC before. It has not worked that way, so I am just going to establish some basic goals and work my way up into full-fledged weight loss mode.

1 - I will check in here at least three times a week. Not necessarily post, but spend enough time on the site to maintain motivation and confidence that this is a battle that can be won.

2 - I will exercise half an hour per day with exceptions granted only in extreme cases.

3 - I will be mindful of what I eat.

4 - I will weigh every morning. (I know this is controversial, but it's what works for me.)

Soon, I will be ready to log what I eat again and start preparing more nutritious meals and set specific exercise goals. But not yet, and that's okay.

Finally, I will set an initial weight loss goal of five pounds. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary - including my own experience - I have the mindset that the scale will always go up, and I will have to buy bigger clothes. Five pounds - no matter how long it takes - will convince me otherwise.

So, here we go. Accountability.

Thanks to everyone for their faithful posting. I didn't respond to anything, but I spent so much time on here reading about other people's journeys that I had to force myself to just post and get on with life - lest I miss my work-out today when I'm highly motivated to do it!

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