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Good luck in the spinning class!! I spin a couple times a week, been doing it for a couple years now...A couple words of Advice---ALWAYS bring a towel ( you WILL sweat ALOT!!), also, your butt is going to KILL you from the wont be able to sit down, and it makes the clas itself very uncomfortable---this however, will go away!! I PROMISE after 3 or 4 classes you wont even fell the seat, and it certainly wont cause any pain. You just have to tough it out for the first couple times...Also, dont be discouraged if the class *felt* too hard for gets a lot easier, very quickly, within a few classes you will notice its not QUITE so horrible...Remember, one of the best things about a spinning class is that you can make it as hard or as easy as YOU want it to be!! Just crank the dial up or peddle faster if its getting too easy and your heart rate is coming down, or crank the dial DOWN if your dying, no one will notice, or even care if they do!! Have fun!!
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