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Default Just This and That!

I saw Whitelion, who had her WLS in March of 2008, and she looks fantastic. I kept staring at her because she looks so good and fit. She works out a lot and I know she has lost over a hundred pounds. I haven't seen her twin sister, but I hear she is doing really well with her WLS.

Stupidity-in-motion: I saw the ad on the homepage of this site about the Healthy Choice Natural meals. So I had a coupon, and they were on sale. Had a little GD in tow and behind on time so I picked up one on the fly and didn't read the ingredients. How bad can natural and healthy be......76 grams of carbs!!! I'm so dumb...I can't remember the name of it but it did have rice in it. Needless to say, couldn't eat it.

I've been a little mad at myself, my weight is stable, but I feel little moments of my old life creeping back in on me. Tasting, tasting, tasting when I cook, eating a couple of the kids' M&M here and there, just little things that I know if followed on a regular basis can get me into trouble. So back to writing everything down again. I have a feeling in order to keep myself in check the rest of my life, I will be journaling FOREVER! I think I eat too many carbs, too much fat and too many times during the day, so back to the basics. Too little exercise and not enough water. It is always in the back of my mind that I will love food more than my WLS again and I will gain my weight back. So far, I have found that maintaining has been the hardest part of my whole weight loss journey!!!! I'm almost 19 months out and I'm happy, but still feel sometimes like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop!

I've got this excuse thing going in my head. Like, I didn't have enough protein today so I'd better eat something to get my daily protein in. I'm not hungry, just feel the need to eat, I think! Calories do count, especially when you are getting a little ways out. I'm trying to remember to make wise choice at that very moment and not try to make up for it later in the day. I'm not saying this very well, but I bet some of you know where I'm coming from.

Now a happier note: I have a daughter who was dx with arthritis in kindergarten and she was getting "fluffy". She has been on low-carb, I think around two months or so, and is now below 160. I'm so happy for her!! She is planning my GS graduation party and making sure that all the low-carbers will have something to eat besides potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans and such!! WooHoo! My DH continues to maintain his 44# weight-loss on low-carb (will be a year in July) and was complaining because his baseball uniform is too large!!!! He plays in an "over fifty" league and can run, and without his belly flapping around!

I'm ALIVE because of my WLS and I'm going outside today and plant more garden. You see, I CAN bend over now and it sure does make a lot of difference when you CAN work in the garden!
Nancy J.
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