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HELLO LADIES ~ Thanks to RUTHxxx for red-stickying our new May thread to the top of the forum for us. MEOWEE is still away, but Ruthxxx says that she should be back next week sometime.

Well, DH was very upset this morning ... guess what we woke up to today? Yeppers ... some of that ***** once again. Dh comes in the room to wake me up, no less, to inform me that we have *****, and they are big, giant flakes too! I told him not to worry becuz they will melt as soon as they touch ground -- well, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but they were all gone by tonight becuz the sun came out just in time to melt the few that stayed a while! I hope that's a sign for tomorrow that maybe we will have some sunshine ... sure hope so!

HI PURPLE ~ glad you were able to go out walking today and that you had good weather too. Since our weather was rather yucky, we just stayed home, except DH did run one small errand for me today. I just did regular daily stuff, as I try to rest after a day where I did lots of walking becuz me feet and legs hurt so much now that I must rest them as often as I can. My doctor told me that he would like to see me put them up at least three (3) times a day; at first I thought that was a lot, but now, it has become a necessity at least two (2) times minimum. I am trying for three times now to see if that will help my situation some.

Tonight, DH is over at a friends and they are working on one of his hobbies, which has become a group effort now. I am glad for him that he has found some friends that have the same interests as him, and are so helpful to DH (may GOD bless their hearts for all the help and encouragement they have given DH lately).

Yes, as I think I shared with you before, my mother worked with disabled persons (as a homecare provider through the government); and she was very good at it. Things are somewhat better now from what I hear, but as you know, it's hard enough to live with so many physical challenges, but not to have enough income for basics like food and good personal care, would be an added burden these people just don't need!

You are fortunate to have such a special home. I have such difficulty getting in and out of our tub; I have to lean on my geri chair or I would definitely fall. I just sit on that and have a shower. I would love to have a walk-in shower like you have and so much room too; oh well, maybe some day we'll find such a place, but there are so few in this town and so many who need them, that it's unbelievable.

DH and I are trying to find out how I can get an electric chair or scooter so that I can get out more. Right now, I can't go to a mall, or to a large department store, or around the neighbourhood, becuz my feet and legs and back just hurt way too much for that. I am kinda stuck at home now and only go out 1 day a week when I feel up to it and I have to take some pain meds before I go to be able to walk around the grocery store. If my feet hurt too much, then we just leave; and DH goes back later and gets what we missed. We have had to do that many, many times ...

Sometimes, I go out for a ride in the car, but I don't go walking anywhere. We do that just so that I can get out of the house, or I would go 'stir-crazy' -- That's also why we go up to the lot and my Dad's cottage so much: becuz we need to! I love hearing about your trips all over the place as it's like travelling vicariously through your stories.

Anyways, DH just got back and it's time to go for now. Hope you all have a SUPER-DUPER SATURDAY!!! ROSEBUD
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