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I just finished reading the book yesterday and I got what the author was saying. She did say that people on the extreme ends of the "U" (either underweight or extremely overweight) are more likely to die early so I don't think she was saying that people who are so fat they are immobilized are healthy. I think what she was saying is that "Look, not everyone is going to be in that normal BMI range. That doesn't mean they're going to be unhealthy however."

One of the women in the study seemed like she just couldn't lose a lot of weight despite having a personal trainer and being on a diet. Yet, that woman is probably more fit than my husband who is thin, eat what he wants, and gets winded on the elliptical after 5 mins. I'm probably more fit than my husband even though I'm overweight.

Just yesterday, I spoke to my mother who told me that her doctors gave her the results of her blood work and everything was normal: cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. She has high blood pressure but that is probably more the result of genetics than her weight. My great grandmother had high blood pressure but she was thin throughout her life. My grandmother still had high blood pressure after losing weight and was on medication till she died. I have high blood pressure and I've always been thinner than my mother. My mother has her blood pressure under control with medication. I have my blood pressure under control with medication and exercise.

So I can see what the author is saying. I guess she asking if weight has a cause/effect relationship with various chronic illnesses and whether or not high weight is always bad for you. I think what she is saying is that it's way more complex than the constant reports we hear on the news which say that if you're overweight or obese, you're health is in danger and you're going to die fast! Maybe being overweight or obese by way of not exercising and eating crap can exacerbate health issues. But if you're overweight, healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle, is your life really in danger?

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