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Sounds like you're getting a lot of good advice. I want to throw in my own two cents- make sure you're getting the right amino acids into your body, or you won't be able to sustain veganism. I'm sure if you read enough about the subject, you'll run into this problem and its solutions.

There are a number of amino acids (the things that make proteins) that your body isn't able to make naturally. Most people get them through meat, but it's possible to get them other ways. For example, in many central and south american countries, beans are the major source of protein. This is good in itself, but without supplementing beans with other things, the people would develop nutritional diseases. This is why many people down there eat chili and other peppers, as well as corn. Without the amino acids in the peppers and corn, all the protein in the world won't make you perfectly healthy.

However, I wouldn't recommend relying on corn and peppers exclusively, especially since new breeds of corn have less and less of the amino acids you need.

The best way to deal with this is to know that you're going to need sources of these amino acids, and find the ones that work for you in one of your books.


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