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I am losing much faster...
also their program has so much protein both in the meals and in the snacks you really aren't hungry...... now sometimes I WANT something else but usually it has nothing to do with hunger.. Portions are bigger Not the small portions with PFFS but rather.. huge portions of chicken, turkey, sirloin steak, BBQ pork, seafood... salmon, shrimp.. stuff like that.. It is essentially a high protein low carb plan.. There are some carbs but very little..
I like that they are frozen as this helps with the freshness as well as when I want to take a day off the plan the meals are all safe tucked away in my freezer for when I need them.
I am usually losing about 2- 2 1/2 lbs per week... with very little effort.
They also recommend a one dinner off plan each week to have anything you like..... that has really helped keep me focused and satisfied.
They are now allowing you to opt out of the breakfast menu.......and that cuts the cost a lot. they have 2 plans.. the Bistro MD plan and the Biggest Loser Plan.. The BLP is a little cheaper but the food is just as good just not as much variety as you get with Bistro.....
Over all I am very satisfied with the food and my results.
But again the PFFS plan is a good one I just needed a change .......

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